Choir concert at Moira House

On Wednesday the choir went to Moira House to compete in a singing competition called ‘Just sing’. Throughout the day we took part in many fun activities including team building and lots of singing.At the end we sang our songs, ours was ‘Winter Carol’. But right at the end we all sang a song called ‘Sing’ that every single choir sang together whilst the parents were all watching at us. Very scary and also exciting!


OMG Owls!

This week we went to the sports hall to watch the amazing owls fly.Some of us helped out and were able to get up close. The types of birds were:2 Barn owls,Eagle owl,Small owl,2 Indian owls and an African owl.It was really fun when some of the owls flew over our heads! To be able to make them fly they used chicken and different meats. After the show was finished the classes took turns to go back into the hall to take a picture with Dotty the Barn Owl on their shoulders, she was sooo fluffy. Everybody loved seeing the Owls,especially 6K! It was such a fantastic experience with the Owls!


Hi this is the West Rise Year Six blog.

We are going to tell you all about the fun stuff we do in year six. At the moment we are in Term 3.We have been to: Newhaven Fort,Causeway,Langley Library,Safety in Action and the Cinema. We are working very hard at the moment because SATS is just two terms away!